New Token Launch Announcement — RastaFinance

Mining for New Gems

My Dearest RastaBrothers and RastaSisters,

WOW! What a day it has been.

We not only hit 1$ in $RASTA Price, but we also more than doubled our Total Value Locked, currently at half a million dollars!!!

❤ The RastaLove is getting stronger every day, and it is not slowing down❤

We have fallen, and we have risen, but what is most important, is that we did it all together, as the RastaFamily.

The InnerCircle has been cheering in glee as our community celebrates the great achievements we have seen in 2021 so far:

Since our launch on March 13th, along with the InnerCircle, the RastaFinance community has been seeing incredible momentum.

This was certainly visible in our upwards trajectory today, and we really believe this has only just started. (Don’t forget that the Buoyancy Fund activates at 12$ per RASTA).

So what is next for RastaFinance?

We thought long and hard too, and here is where we see ourselves going:

And in order to achieve all of this we need to stimulate the platform, and keep the $RASTA circulating between users and contracts.

As such, we would like to announce the launch of our latest class of tokens, aimed at only TrueRastas, with an exclusive and limited supply of 600,000.

We are aiming to conduct a Fair-Launch for the New BEP20 Token, that will add functionality and complexity to our beautifully blossoming Ecosystem.

The most important features of this Token will be as follows:

We will be holding a large community vote this week to decide on the final name of our precious New Token.

Overall, we believe this will enhance the use and circulation of $RASTA, and in return increase its value even more; as we continue to buy and burn.

We are so very excited for this new chapter of our platform.

The Launch Will Take Place in the next two weeks, and there will be no Pre-Sale.

To my beautiful brothers and sisters, let’s keep marching towards ZION!

Much Love,

but only One Love.

on behalf of the RastaFinance Team.

The Community with The Heart of a Lion